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Mamor is a level one black female owned investment holding company with an entrepreneurial and innovative approach to business in developing and executing growth strategies for its investee companies.
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Leveraging Emerging Technologies as a Force for Good

Leveraging Emerging Technologies as a Force for Good

Technology has been the driving force for business transformation however the rise of emerging technologies has been at the forefront of the new wave of next generation technologies catapulting us into a new era of digital economy.

The evolving needs for reliable telecom networks create opportunities to build sustainable ecosystems leveraging these emerging technologies to drive innovation, catalyse change and improve the quality of lives.  This is all about enabling transformation in how businesses and individuals interact, collaborate, and compete in the economy.

We are seeing tech-enabled innovations transforming every segment of the telecom sector value chain and at the heart of implementation are enterprises and start-up innovators who are critical enablers of digital adoption.

Telcos have invested in startup ecosystems to expand into new business areas as well as increase revenue and reduce risk exposure. Partnerships with the right players in the ecosystem can enable building of future proof solutions in the market.

As technology penetration and connectivity continue to increase, startups in Africa have great potential to drive sustainable growth socially and economically, by developing specific technology solutions to improve the quality of lives of millions in the continent.

In a continent that is said to have the digital gap of more than 3 times the global average according to GSMA reports, the commitment to address the massive lack of connectivity and accelerate digital inclusion must remain a priority.

It is important that no one gets left behind as economic success largely depends on inclusive growth to achieve sustainability. Partnerships and strategic collaborations ensure that parties can play to their strengths and bring competencies that are fit for purpose to develop ground-breaking solutions.

Below are some of the emerging technology trends that we are seeing across the telecom sector value chain where start-ups play a key role and make a meaningful impact:

Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow for extraction of meaningful information from data, gathered by IoT sensors and devices. This can lead to lowers costs, increase efficiencies and reliability, and enable new solutions for humans to be more efficient.

Cyber security leads to protection of data from theft and damage. Systems and solutions are constantly being developed to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Cloud computing offers benefits of migrating data, applications, and other business elements to a cloud computing environment. The demand for integration capabilities and agile work processes will continue to drive the shift to the cloud.

5G technology has potential contributions to health and well-being, infrastructure enhancements and sustainable industrialization.

Edge computing brings data computation and data storage closer to the source of data instead of a centralized remote cloud which in turn reduces latency, improves security and privacy protections, and increases bandwidth.

Mamor Capital Ventures exists to partner with innovative start-ups and other ecosystem players in leveraging emerging technologies to power innovation and digital transformation in the continent.

We are on the journey to accelerating digital adoption and solving for everyday’ s problems leveraging novel technologies towards equitable digital inclusion.


Mamokete Ramathe

Mamor Capital – CEO

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